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Welcome to by Crea®’s Velvet Bar Stool Collection

Scandinavian Design for Every Corner of the World

Founded in 2017 in Sweden by the visionary designer Alexandra Pettersson, by Crea® has established itself as a beacon of Scandinavian minimalism and bespoke craftsmanship. Our velvet bar stool collection, handcrafted in our Skåne workshop, represents a commitment to quality and personalization, making it a prized addition to homes and businesses worldwide.

Why Choose by Crea® Velvet Bar Stools for Your Global Space?

Customized for Global Tastes: Catering to a diverse international clientele, each bar stool can be personalized with a choice of frames, wood colors, luxurious fabrics, and sizes.

Handcrafted in Sweden, Loved Worldwide: From welding to assembly, every step in our Arlöv factory is infused with the ethos of Swedish craftsmanship, resulting in a product that is globally revered.

Efficient Worldwide Shipping: Our efficient production process ensures that your custom furniture is crafted within 2-5 working days and delivered seamlessly across the globe.

Sustainable and Ethical: Embrace furniture that not only beautifies your space but also aligns with global environmental and ethical standards.

Exclusive Online and In-Store Experience: Whether you shop through our global e-commerce platforms or visit our showroom in Malmö, Sweden, experience a direct and authentic connection with our brand.

The Global Favorite: The Freja Barstool

Celebrated for its minimalist design and exceptional comfort, the Freja Barstool has become a symbol of style in homes and businesses around the world, gaining acclaim from influencers to interior designers.

A Brand for Every Continent

by Crea®’s furniture is not just a purchase; it’s an experience. Our B2B collaborations span various industries globally, making us a go-to brand for offices, hotels, restaurants, and more. We aim to be your local furniture store, no matter where you are on the globe.

Bring Home the Spirit of Swedish Design

Let by Crea® enhance your living or business space with our elegant, custom-made, and environmentally conscious velvet bar stools. Experience the blend of luxury and functionality that transcends borders.