Do you have retailers or stores where I can test sit the chairs or see the furniture?
Since we manufacture our furniture in Sweden with high quality Swedish materials we do not have the margins to sell our furniture through retailers. We take great pride in providing you the best personal service and only sell our original by Crea® designs through our own website. However, we cooperate with some stores around Sweden and Europe where you can test our chairs. You can also book a digital one on one virtual showroom conference with us where we can showcase the furniture you are interested in and help you choose fabrics and colors. Email us at info@by-crea.com to book a digital consultation time.

Stockholm – Ballingslöv Infra city shopping centrum – Stockholmsvägen 35D, 194 61 Upplands Väsby (Freja bar chairs)
Stockholm – Baby World – Sveavägen 22, 111 57 Stockholm (Freja bar chairs)
Umeå – ELON – Matsåke on TEG Domarevägen 28B, 904 33 Umeå (Freja bar chairs, Kent armchairs, Anton coffee table)
Gothenbourg – UNO FORM – Lilla Nygatan 2b, 411 09 Göteborg (Freja bar chairs)
Malmö – by Crea® head quarters, factory and Showroom (all furniture)

Silverbirch interiors – 27 Bothwell Road, Hamilton, ML3 0AS
Williamsons Kitchens – 91 Commerce Street, AB43 9LR Fraserburgh

München – KIRSCHENMANN + CO – Hasenstrasse 2, 82166 Gräfelfing b. München

Nice – Restart flooring, 6 Rue Niepce, 06000 NICE

Marbella – Storey interior, Urb aloha pueblo, Plaza de las Fuentes local 31

Upon demand, we can arrange a test chair with free return. To be able to order a test chair, please contact us and let us know what you are interested in, and we’ll be happy to guide and help you. You can also chat with us if you are unsure about fabrics or sizes. When ordering a test chair, it is only to test the design and comfort and NOT the size, height, color of frame or fabric.

Here are some of our most asked questions:

Are the chairs comfortable to sit on? They look so thin …
We only use the most exclusive cold cut foam in all of our cushions, which is manufactured here in Sweden. All seat cushions have a density of 55 kg / m3. The fact that the chairs are comfortable is among the first things our customers comment besides the design.

What is Martindale? (also known as MD)
Martindale is a universal measure used to measure the wear resistance of fabrics and textiles. It is the number of scrubs that a fabric can withstand before it´s worn out.

The recommendations are as follows:
* Home environment: minimum 15,000 MD
* Public environment: minimum 30,000 MD
* Hospital, military etc.: minimum 75,000 MD

The guidelines for our range:
Velvet: 30,000 MD
Polyester: 120,000-300,000 MD
Leather: 300,000 MD

I have children, which fabric should I choose?
Velvet is an extremely popular fabric choice and we often get questions about advices with regard to children and care.
Our velvet fabrics are woven from polyester threads which are the most durable form of fabric. The fabrics are also easily impregnated to be extra liquid-repellent.

The velvet pads can be washed off. The most important thing is to act fast, not to let liquids or food sit. Soak up / remove dirt with a dry cloth, then wipe the pad with a wet microfibre cloth with lukewarm water and some detergent. Work with round slow motions. It is important not to scrub the velvet as it can damage the surface and create irregularities in the microfibers.

The leather and polyester fabrics are very durable and easy to clean. What is important to keep in mind is that the leather fabrics are sensitive to deinking from, for example, new jeans.

If you get a spot that definitely does not go away, you can buy a new cushion on our website and replace it yourself by unscrewing the two screws the cushion is stuck with on the bottom. We always send care instructions to your chairs and you can also gohereto see our advice on the care of fabrics and the frames. You can see our various fabrics here.

Do you use animal leathers?
No. All our vegan leathers are made of non-animal leather (polyester). Our guidelines are to have a brand that is locally produced, and which makes as small of an impact on the environment as possible. Therefore, all our leathers are animal-friendly and the factory that produces the

Is there any protection with the chairs to protect my floors?
Yes. All our furniture is fitted with plastic feet.
If you want extra protection against sound and scratches, you can order our felt covered nails.

How much weight can the chairs withstand?
Our chairs are tested, and we guarantee a stable experience up to 150kg.

Returns: I regret my purchase. How do I do now?
When we make all our design furniture on order, we reserve the right to receive 20% of the order in the event of interrupted orders that are too late for delivery or after delivery.

Since we started in January 2017, we have only had a handful of returns and if you feel that for some reason you do not want to go through with your purchase, we will always solve it. We are honest, straight and always looking for you to be satisfied with our furniture. However, we must always make sure that we do not make losses on shipping or specially made furniture that we cannot sell. You can read more about our terms here.

How long is the delivery time?
Delivery time varies from furniture to furniture, but right now most of our products are delivered within 2-4 business days in the EU and around 3-5 business days world-wide. When you place an order we will personally email you with an expected delivery date.

When launching new furniture collections, the delivery time in the beginning may be longer. Because all our products are manufactured by hand, delays can occur. We always inform in advance if this should happen.

Once you have placed your order, you will receive an automatic order receipt and an email from us within 24h where we will inform you, among other things, when we expect that you will receive your order.

In case of express delivery needs, we are always flexible. Contact us on the chat, by email or by phone and we will do our best to help you with your order.

Where is the furniture manufactured?
All our furniture is designed, manufactured, assembled and packed in Sweden. Cushion & fabrics manufacturing, welding & grinding, final assembly and quality control in our factory at our HQ in Arlöv, Malmö.

We want to benefit the Swedish industry and believe in a personal web store where you can get quality that you can trust.

Can I get a discount on my purchase?
No. We chose to launch our brand with a loss in May 2017 with a couple of discount codes to reach out to the market. Since then we have not had any promotions or discounted periods and have no plans to start with it either.

We believe in a transparent pricing where you do not have to raise the price tag on the furniture and then attract with discounts. We don’t do Black Friday, Christmas campaigns or any other temporary discounts to push you to make an order. We do however guarantee you a lasting and high quality that we stand by and a quick and personal delivery.

Which countries do you deliver to?
All countries, worldwide. Due to covid-19 some continents (Australia, Asia) have restrictions that mean longer delivery times. Chat with us or send us an email to check out the exact lead time to your country at the moment.

How can I check out the shipping costs to my country?
Add the furniture you want to buy to the chart, go to our checkout and type in your country and the shipping costs will be updated for your specific delivery to your country. Our delivery costs are the same to your entire country. We use Fedex and DHL for world-wide deliveries and DHL for Swedish deliveries.

Which seat height should I choose?
The industry standard of seat height in Scandinavia is a distance between seat cushion and top plate of 20-30cm (for bar chairs and dining chairs). Our recommendation for the optimal height is to sit at 23-26cm from the top of the disc. To choose which chair you should have, you can count down from your table or worktop.

We therefore recommend that you choose:
66cm: disc height between 86cm-96cm
76cm: disc height between 96cm-106cm

For other dimensions, we recommend specially dimensioned chairs. You can enter this measure yourself inside the product on the website. Note that the delivery time on these chairs is about 2-3 weeks.

I am remodelling my kitchen, how much must my kitchen counter stick out for your bar stools?
In theory, you can have our chairs in bar counters completely without overhangs. The industry standard for overhangs is between 20-35cm (marble, quartz composite, wood etc.). However, we recommend 30-35cm for the absolute best comfort if you are going to build your own kitchen.

How many chairs can fit in width?
We recommend about 50-60cm per bar stool in width for a good comfort and stylish design. For normal dining chairs we recommend 60 cm in width per chair.

How do I do if my products are delivered damaged?
It is important to always check the packaging before receiving it. If you see holes or ingestion on the outer casing of the box, you should notify the driver before receiving. The driver then makes a note on his / her delivery note and documents with a picture.

It is not certain that the furniture is damaged but for safety reasons this is always a requirement from our and the carrier’s side.
If your furniture would be damaged, then of course we are very sad about this. We will arrange a new furniture for you and make a claim of the shipment with UPS/FedEx. It is really important that you save the box and the inner protection and pack the furniture back in the exact same way that it came. You never have to bear any costs for shipping damage as long as you follow this procedure.

Since we weld and make all the furniture in our factory we always check that all the legs are straight and paint is undamaged before packing it and save pictures of every other.

Payment options
We offer almost all forms of payment options. If you are missing an option something or need help with payment, just contact us by email, chat or phone and we will help you.

How big are the boxes?
The packages have slightly different dimensions depending on the furniture.
Freja / Svea: 42 x 39 x 80cm, 7kg
Sella: 50 x 50 x 80cm, 9kg
Iris: 45 x 55 x 70cm, 9kg
Wilma: 140/110/75 x 50 x 50cm
Melker: Delivered in flat packaging
Luna: Delivered in flat packaging

How many boxes fits in my car?
If you have a car with a big trunk, you will fit three bar chairs. In a smaller car you will have room for two chairs.

Is it safe to order from you?
We stand for our products from the first weld until the furniture is unpacked in your home. Please see our reviews on trustpilot from some of our previous customers on trustpilot here.