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The furniture materials we choose to work with are constantly being developed to create better quality and sustainability for the environment, but also to fulfill our core value of creating sustainable quality furniture.

We buy in all our raw materials that we use in our production locally in Sweden. The furniture we manufacture is powder coated and it is better and kinder to the climate compared to other lacquers.



Our velvet fabrics are made of polyester, which makes them both easier to wash off and provides a higher wear resistance of 30,000 martindale.


Our leather that we offer is not custom made. The leather fabrics we offer have 300,000 martindale strength, which is the most durable fabric you can buy on the market. The fabrics are manufactured and dyed in a facility that cleans 99% of its own emissions.

Our Fabrics


The frame colors we choose to work with aim to symbolize the minimalist basic color within Scandinavian interior design. Our furniture is powder coated and it is better and kinder to the climate compared to other lacquers.

All of our outdoor furniture is made of stainless steel to avoid varnish and galvanization that damage the environment and affect climate emissions.

Frame color:
Black – RAL 9005 GL30
White – RAL 9016 GL30
Beige – RAL 7044 GL30
Taupe – NCS s5005 – Y20R

Our Frame Colors


Dekton is a type of stone that we use in our furniture and it works both indoors and outdoors because it can withstand large temperature changes, from plus degrees to minus degrees. The material resists both cold and frost.

The material can withstand high heat and you can place hot objects, such as a pan, directly on Dekton without anything happening.

The stone is also scratch resistant and it takes a lot for it to cause a scratch or damage the stone.

Dekton is excellent outdoors because the top sheet can withstand high UV rays. This means that the color does not fade when the material is exposed to sunlight.

Our Stones


Wood material is chosen based on quality and durability. We buy all our wood material locally in Sweden.

The wooden board is made of solid wood and manufactured from FSC-certified wood.
The wooden choices are available in ash, oak and walnut. Our black and white wooden boards are made of beech which are then lacquered in white and black.

The furniture is also powder coated and it is better and kinder to the climate compared to other lacquers. In our production, we use environmentally friendly colored oils to color our wooden tables instead of climate-affected varnishes and stains. In addition, the ones we use are more durable and of better quality than lacquers and oil paints.

Our Wood