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Dining tables

Dining tables


We’d now like to present our dining tables from by Crea®. All our furniture at by Crea® is designed by Alexandra Pettersson, in a minimalist Scandinavian style. What makes our designer furniture so special is that it’s all handmade here in Sweden, and that you can participate by selecting from different options, to get a piece of furniture that perfectly matches the interior of your home. This also applies to our dining room tables. Our furniture is produced and assembled in our factory in Malmö, Sweden. Our vision is simply to make and sell furniture that is tailored to your selection of colours, fabrics and sizes, to suit your home or business, wherever in the world you live or work. We sell the furniture via our website and are keen to deliver good, personal service. You can always call, email or chat with us to discuss everything from material and colour options, to information about ordering and delivery.
Back to dining tables. Here at by Crea®, we have two dining tables available: a round one, and a rectangular one. Say ‘hi’ to Luna and Melker! The dining tables are designed, made and assembled in Sweden. This means that we retain full control over the entire process and can customise the tables according to your preferences. You can choose a rustic dining table with a wooden table top, a black dining table with a white top or a completely different combination. We’ll present Luna and Melker in a little more detail later on, but first we have something to confess to you. Do you remember that we wrote that all our furniture here at by Crea® is designed by Alexandra Pettersson? We lied. Sorry.
In 2019, we had the honour of collaborating with Efva Attling, and this resulted in The H Collection – a design collaboration between Alexandra Petterson and Efva Attling. The collection today consists of several pieces of furniture, including a dining table. What characterises the pieces of furniture is that they have a handle shaped like an H. Do you know why it’s the letter H? It’s because the ‘H’ stands for Högdalen, the suburb where Efva Attling grew up.

Luna dining table

The Luna dining table is a round dining table. We wanted to offer our customers a beautiful, durable and minimalist table – a table that fits with many different interior styles. A table that brings people together. And so we created Luna. Round tables have the advantage that everyone at the table can see each other. It makes it easy to have many wonderful dinners with family, relatives and friends.

The Luna table is available in two sizes: ø110 cm (4 seats) and ø140 cm (6 seats). The top is made of laminated wood and all the surfaces are covered with high-pressure laminate that’s durable and requires no maintenance. You can choose a table top in ash, oak, walnut, or a simple black or white top. All the edges are reinforced with a thin laser-cut strip in the same colour, to withstand knocks and scratches.The base is made of iron pipes that are powder coated in white or black, depending on your selection.

Luna Table

Melker dining table

The Melker table is a stylish rectangular dining table, available in three different sizes: 160 cm (4 seats), 200 cm (6 seats), 240 cm (8 seats). Just like the Luna dining table, the Melker’s table top is made from laminated wood and covered with durable and high-pressure laminate that doesn’t require maintenance. You can select the colour of the table top and the edges are reinforced with a thin laser-cut strip in the same colour. The base is available in black and white.

A rectangular table can fit more people, because the short sides can also be used. If you have space and enjoy inviting friends over for dinner, it’s great to have a big table. It looks inviting and generous.

The chairs you decide to choose for your new dining table will affect both its style and the feel. Here at by Crea® you can create the perfect dining chairs for your table. Our dining chairs Sella and Isabell are designed by Alexandra Petterson in the same elegant and minimalist style as all the furniture at by Crea®. You can select the colour of the frame as well as the material and colour for the seat and back cushions. In other words, you can have a unique dining set to suit your taste and interior design. And don’t forget – our dining chairs are not only stylish, they’re also comfortable and stable.

Melker Table

H Table

This modern minimalist dining table belongs to the H Collection, a design collaboration between Efva Attling and Alexandra Pettersson. The table top is available in a beautiful ash, or in black. The wooden top is made of chipboard and high-quality high-pressure laminate with a thin laser-cut plastic strip to strengthen the corners and edges. The frame is made of lightweight iron which is then powder coated in black or taupe. The colour taupe has been specially developed for the H Collection. And if you’re wondering where the H is on the dining table, it’s on the short sides of the frame.

The H table is available in the following lengths: 160 cm (4 seats), 200 cm (6 seats) and 240 cm (8 seats).

Efva Attling – H Table