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Coffee tables

Leo coffee table

The Leo coffee table series is designed in the classic by Crea® spirit where beauty and durability are combined with a Scandinavian and minimalist expression. Leo has a versatile design where you can adapt the design of the table, or tables, to your own personal style.

Leo is a round coffee table, available in three sizes: XL Ø95 cm and 50 cm in height, Large Ø80 cm and 45 cm in height and Small Ø70 cm and 40 cm in height. Thanks to the smart design, you can combine the tables however you want. You can slide them halfway under each other, slide the small table completely under the largest table for easy storage, or decorate the room with individual Leo tables. It’s up to you!

Alexandra Pettersson is behind the design of the Leo coffee table, but you get to decide the colour of the base and which table top you’d like. The table tops are made of solid wood and are available in oak and ash, or the extremely durable Dekton stone. The base is available in black, white and beige.

Anton coffee table

The Anton coffee table series, just like Leo, has an airy, minimalist and stylish design. The table is rectangular and available in two sizes. What makes the Anton coffee table series really exciting is that there’s also a matching stool – the Anton stool. The contrast of hard and soft materials gives the room a wonderful feel. Due to their clever design, both the stool and the smaller coffee table can be stored under the large table, in many different ways.

You can buy the tables and the stool separately or as a combination and simply build your own coffee table to perfectly fit in your seating area. As with all furniture at by Crea®, there’s a large selection of wood, frame colours and fabrics to choose from.

What’s so special about the coffee tables from by Crea®?

We’ve already looked at the flexible design of coffee tables and all the choices you can make to create a coffee table that expresses your personal style, but a coffee table from by Crea® has many more qualities. All our tables are handmade, to your specifications, in our furniture factory in the Swedish province of Skåne. We focus on craftsmanship and sustainability, and this includes the material selection, selection of subcontractors and waste management. By Crea® represents a stylish and sustainable design, with furniture that blends in well in all surroundings. Our goal is to, hopefully, exceed your expectations and create a great and long-lasting relationship with you. We offer you personal and efficient service, from the start of production until the coffee table, or coffee tables, are delivered to you.

Style your new coffee table from by Crea®

A coffee table often has several functions, from a dining area to a surface on which beautiful things can be placed. Here we have our best styling advice for when you want your coffee table to be a really eye-catching part of your room. Our first tip is to have a few different levels. This means, for example, combining a tall vase with cut flowers with a small scented candle and a stack of magazines. Think low, medium and high. Think about different shapes as well, a round vase together with a high light fixture and a small sculpture, for example.

Feel free to highlight personal items such as souvenirs from your travels, something inherited or a flea market find, and combine them with plants, newspapers and candles. If you still want to tighten up the style a bit you can invest in keeping everything within the same colour scale. For example, have everything in black, gray and white or perhaps a combination of soft pastel colours. If you have many objects on a small surface, a trick to keep it from looking cluttered is to group the objects together. For example, you can collect them on a tray. When grouping ornaments, keep a rule of three. The eye likes odd numbers – it simply makes for better harmony.