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Freja has a light frame with a clean finish and, despite the narrow construction, Freja is stable and comfortable to sit on. The frame is made of lightweight iron, which is then powder coated, and has a support for the lower spine. You can choose a bar stool in black, beige or in the beautiful shade of taupe. Then again, perhaps white bar stools fit better in your home.

The next step is to select the material and colour of the cushion. We have many different shades available, in both artificial leather and velvet. All our fabrics are durable and easy to clean and maintain. Finally, you can choose the seat height. If you don’t like the dimensions that are available, we’re more than happy to manufacture bar stools in the measurements of your choice.

Freja bar stool


Philip is a stately bar stool, with a backrest, that combines the absolute best in comfort with the stylish Scandinavian design that characterises all our furniture here at by Crea®. Our elegant Philip bar stool is simply the obvious choice for anyone who wants a comfortable tall chairs with backrests for their kitchen island or high dining table. Like the Bruno bar stool, the Philip is designed so that it can be pushed in under a kitchen island or table top.

The Philip bar stool is made of lightweight iron which is then powder coated. You select the colour both for the frame and the seat cushion. And just like with all furniture from by Crea®, the bar stool is made to order, by hand, in our furniture factory in the Swedish province of Skåne.

Philip bar chair


After Freja, it’s time for Bruno to make his entrance. Bruno is a bar stool with a fully clothed back and armrests. However, you don’t need to be worried that the bar stool might feel big and heavy. Bruno, like all our furniture, has a timeless minimalist design with good stability and comfort. With a Bruno bar stool, you can sit for a long time, making it perfect for Sunday breakfasts with the family or dinners with friends. We have designed the bar stool so that it can be pushed in under a kitchen island or table top.

If you want to order a Bruno bar stool, just choose the colour of the frame as well as the material and colour of the chair and back cushion, and we will manufacture the furniture by hand according to your selection. By the way, did you know that the Bruno is named after its designer Alexandra Petterson’s father?

Bruno bar chair


The final member of our bar stool series is the modern and dapper Svea model, which has neither backrests nor armrests. But don’t be fooled, Svea is a very comfortable high stool on which you can start your day with breakfast and then end your day in the evening with tea, or a stronger drink if it’s Friday.

The Svea bar stool creates a light and airy impression in the room and easily fits in with different styles of interior design. Naturally, you can select the colour of the frame and seat cushion, so that the bar stool blends in perfectly in your home. Can’t find the colour you want? Let us know and we’ll fix it for you!

Svea bar stool

Bar Stools by Crea®

All the furniture at by Crea® is created with Alexandra Petterson’s characteristic elegant and minimalist style. It’s our hallmark, as a matter of fact all of our furniture are made by hand in our own factory in Malmö, Sweden, according to your chosen colours and fabrics.
Let us tell you more about our bar stools: a functional and stylish piece of furniture that fits in just as well around a kitchen island as around the ‘bar’ – or even at the office. It was actually with a bar stool that the ‘by Crea®’ journey began, and the Freja bar stool was our very first. Since then, our bar stool family has grown to include even more members, such as the tall gentlemen Bruno and Phillip, and the coquettish Svea bar stool.
The bar stools from by Crea® have a minimalist design but are so stable and comfortable that sitting on them for a long time is a true delight. Imagine a wonderful weekend breakfast with a good cup of coffee and the newspaper spread out in front of you, or perhaps inviting your best friend over for a glass of wine, and enjoying a long evening of chatting together.

High chairs

If you’d like to buy bar stools from by Crea®, you can easily purchase them via our website. We have short delivery times, and since we’re producing them ourselves, we only need a few days of lead time for most of our models . You select the colour for the frame, and for the cushion you can choose vegan leather (which is imitation leather of the highest quality), or a soft velvet fabric. Both our imitation leather and velvet fabrics are available in many different colours. The bar stools are available in different heights – 66 cm (26 inches), 76 cm (30 inches), as well as custom heights so you can find a chair that fits your home and style. It’s also a good idea to choose our furniture pads with felt, to protect your floor.

You are always very welcome to email us, call or chat with us if you have any questions. We’re more than happy to help you find exactly the right colour and the perfect seat height for your needs. Now it’s high time to present our high chairs. Let’s begin with the classic bar stool, Freja. Our first piece of design furniture and our signature model!

A bar stool from by Crea® is no ordinary bar stool

We design and manufacture our bar stools to order according to your specifications, in our factory in Lomma, just outside Malmö, Sweden. When the stool is ready, it’s sent to your home, pre-assembled. We have short delivery times and we deliver to all countries around the world. You can have a bar stool for your kitchen island, your dining table or the company conference table, always handmade and tailored to your selection. In addition, we offer personal service from consultation on colour choices and seat height, to ordering and delivery. We’re your local store, wherever you live!