Wood material | Inspiration | About the Material | by Crea

Wood material is chosen based on quality and sustainability. We buy all our wood material locally in Sweden.

The wooden board is made of solid wood and manufactured from FSC-certified wood.
The wooden choices are available in ash, oak and walnut. Our black and white wooden boards are made of beech which are then lacquered in white and black.

The furniture is also powder coated and it is better and kinder to the climate compared to other lacquers. In our production, we use environmentally friendly colored oils to color our wooden tables instead of climate-affected varnishes and stains. In addition, the ones we use are more durable and of better quality than lacquers and oil paints.

We are here for you!

Our furniture is handmade in a matter of days in our factory in Sweden 🇸🇪 that's why we can offer such quick deliveries. If you need any assistance let us know your email and Michelle or Nicole from our team will be in touch!