by Crea®

by Crea was founded in 2017  by the two best friends Alexandra Pettersson & Alexander Tjernström.

We are proud to be able to deliver our custom designed furniture that is 100% made in Sweden!
Crea means creating and that’s exactly what we want to do, to create furniture in a minimalist Scandinavian design that is unique in color and shape.
What is different from many other companies is also that by Crea® customizes all its furniture so that every single person gets the furniture they want.

Alexandra works with the design & development of the furniture we created and Alexander develops the brand and business trademark.
Our furniture is design protected in Europe (EUIPO), Sweden (PRV) & Norway (Patent Office).

We are both extremely dedicated, meticulous & proud of our company since our products are of absolute highest quality.
Today, by Crea is a recognized furniture design company that is featured in interior magazines, celebrity blogs, TVs, and homes in people’s homes. By Crea stands for timeless design, quality & our ambition is to always exceed our customers’ expectations.

We are so proud of our craftsmanship and every day we do our utmost to ensure that every customer is given an experience and service that exceeds expectations. For us, it’s not just about the specific purchase, but we want to create a love relationship lasting for a long time, not only for our beautiful and timeless furniture, but also for us as a brand.

Alexandra Pettersson & Alexander Tjernström

by Crea®

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  • No words can describe the feeling you get when you look at this picture of @skogsbackevillan kitchen. 💥😍❤️.
• by Crea ® Freja bar chairs with coffee bean leather backrest.
• Made in Sweden 🇸🇪.
• Worldwide delivery.
#bycrea #madeinsweden #barstol #barchair #architect #dreamkitchen #jakkara #sisustus #kuche
  • Our Bruno bar chairs with Dusty grey velvet! Whats your favourite color? ❤️🧡🖤.
• Bruno bar chair 66cm € 479.
• 23 fabrics to choose from.
• Made in Sweden.
#barchair #barstol #jakkara #stolar #chairs #kitchendesign #kitcheninspo
  • Do we have a treat for you? Australia keeps delivering! What a stunning kitchen. Perhaps minimalism left Scandinavia and has become an international trait? Thank you @house_of_o.u.r.s 🙏.
• Freja bar chairs $255.
• Choose frame colour and fabric to suit your home!
#bycrea #madeinsweden #barchair #jakkara #barstol #kuche
  • When Scandinavian minimalism is a must 😍❤️.
You can design your own Sella dining chairs! 23 fabrics to choose from for the cushion and arm rests.
• Made in Sweden 🇸🇪.
• Worldwide shipping.
• Sella € 288.
#bycrea #madeinsweden #diningchair #matstol #chaise #stuhl #stühl #tuoli
  • What’s a bedroom without two beautiful bed tables?
Just a room with a bed 😀🤓😍.
• by Crea Iris bed table € 288.
• Made in Sweden.
• Make your edition (20,000 variations)
• Worldwide delivery.
#bycrea #madeinsweden #bedtable #nachttisch #sängbord

”Simplicity is beautiful” and that's something we strive to reflect in all our collections.