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How will it work and what's the advantage?

How does it work?

All provision paid via LTK is paid by us including their commission.
Our provision via LTK is always 20% but LTK charges 30% of it as commission. This means you will get 14% of the sales order if the order is solely done via LTK with no discount codes. Since you already are our ambassador with a discount code you already get commission from us directly which is paid out the day after the order is made. You get an email every time your code is used.
Since you now have two ways of getting provision we have described the 3 ways an order could come through and how your provision is paid:


  • Case a) a follower goes straight from your IG or socials to our website, uses your code and makes a purchase = you get your agreed commission on the net sales directly paid from us.
  • Case b) a follower goes from your IG to LTK, then some days after either directly to our website or via LTK to our website (they get a cookie tracking via LTK either way) and then uses your code. we will pay out your commission directly from us since the code weighs heavier than the last click and we don’t honor double provisions, therefore we will deny the commission on the LTK platform but pay it out through our internal affiliate program with you.
  • Case c) a follower goes from your account to LTK and makes a purchase without your code = you will get paid provision via LTK. Our LTK programme is 20% but LTK actually keeps 30% of the commission so your provision is right under 14% when it’s solely via LTK.


So why should you join the LTK platform and use it to market our products?
Basically it helps cover ALL the purchases that have gone though your account where we earlier couldn’t track them to you. This way we can make sure you ALWAYS get provision for customers that have gone through your socials.
It also gives you statistics on all orders, wether with code or not so you can see your accounts effect and analytics via the LTK app. Lastly it gives you the opportunity to market a lot of other types of products.
For us it’s important that you feel you are a part of our success and we want to grow with you. The more sales we get, the more provision you will get! We dont like to decide how you post or how often you post about us, neither how you make your content.