Freja bar chair – the original design


A bar stool designed by Alexandra Pettersson in a minimalist Scandinavian design. Freja has quickly become a world-renowned design classic that gilds many kitchens with a perfect balance of simplicity and comfort.

Despite its slim construction, Freja is extremely stable and comfortable to sit on. The bar stool can be combined in over 3,000 ways.

Below you can see the most commonly chosen combinations

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Sella chair


Sella is a minimalist dining chair designed with strict straight lines. Despite its sober expression, the chair is extremely comfortable to sit on as we use a cold-cut Swedish foam with 55kg / m3 density that both embraces body weight comfortably but manages to retain shape even after frequent use. The dining chair is designed by Alexandra Pettersson for by Crea®.
Below you will find the most common combinations our customers have chosen.

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Matstol - stol - Sella matstol by Crea®

Iris bed table

Finding stylish bedside tables is not easy. We have always felt the need to design a nightstand that is both aesthetically appealing and at the same time fulfilling an important storage function next to the bed – to store books, glasses and magazines. The leather straps under the table top are perfect for storing magazines and everything you don’t want visible can fit in the drawer.

Iris can be selected in over 12,000 combinations.
Below you will find the most common combinations our customers have chosen.

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Iris Bedside Table

Wilma bench


A hall should be practical but it is also the first thing you will meet when you get home. When we designed the hall bench Wilma, we strived to keep our strict and light design while prioritizing the practical. Therefore, our Wilma hall bench is available in 3 lengths and can be customized. If you have a narrow hall or need a really long bench for the bed or your dining table, Wilma works great.

Despite the slim construction, Wilma is extremely stable and comfortable to sit on.

Below you can see the most common combinations available.

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Anton soffbord


Our coffee table Anton is available as a set or to purchase separately, which means that you can build up the coffee table of your dreams to fit your living room. Make an elongated coffee table with a sitting puff with two small tables and a large one in the middle or if you have a small living room choose a smaller set and place in an L shape. The seat and the small table can be practically slid under the large table.
Choose from black wood, ash, oak, white or black top and black / white frame. Choose from our 22 fabrics for the seat.

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Anton Soffbord

Bruno the high-back bar chair


When you want to use your kitchen island as the fixed place for your meals to save space or when you might want to sit comfortably and read a book for hours and are looking for a minimalist bar chair with high comfort, Bruno is the perfect choice.

Bruno is designed to be able to slide under the kitchen island so it does not take up too much space in the kitchen and is very stable. Choose the cushion, armrest and height!

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