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Dining chairs

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Sella dining chair

Sella is a chair in a minimalist design, with a stylish finish. The chair’s armrests provide high levels of comfort, making it easy to sit for a long time with family and friends. Even when dessert is over, you’ll want to stay to talk and enjoy their company.
The chairs’ material and colour can easily be selected to match to different homes and styles, so you’ll quickly find your own Sella favourite. First you choose the colour of the frame and then it’s time to think about which fabric, vegan leather or velvet you want for the seat and back cushions. You can even have matching armrests in the same fabric and colour. For example, how about black dining chairs, or perhaps white chairs with sand-coloured cushions?

Sella Dining Chair

Isabell dining chair

Just like Sella, the frame of Isabell is made of powder-coated lightweight iron in an elegant and minimalist design. This creates the perfect harmony of beauty and functionality. Despite its neat appearance, without armrests, the Isabell is very comfortable and stable to sit on and works perfectly as a kitchen chair. Isabell invites you to enjoy many long dinner conversations with family and friends.
And just like Sella, Isabell can be personalised with many fabric and colour options. For example, you can choose a black kitchen chair with black or white velvet, or why not have your kitchen chairs upholstered in pink or white leather?

Isabell dining chair

Kitchen chairs

You sit on one at every mealtime. You sit on one when you talk and hang out with your friends. You sit on one when you read the newspaper or do your homework. What are we talking about? The dining chair, of course! The kitchen and dining area are the heart of any home. It’s here that you drink your morning coffee, eat dinner with your family and socialise with your friends. Let the dining area become a place where the family can gather on weekdays and where guests talk, discuss, laugh, give toasts and eat at dinner parties – put simply, it’s the obvious centerpiece of your home. To create a wonderful dining area, you need a dining table and dining chairs – so now we proudly present our chairs from by Crea®.

What should you consider when investing in new chairs? Obviously, the design is crucial, so that they fit in with the style of the rest of the room. Next, comfort is also important. You want to be comfortable sitting on the chair for a whole dinner party, your study time or when hanging out with friends. But we’d like to add one more point! We also think it’s important that the chairs are part of your personal expression.

A chair from by Crea® is more than just a chair

We hope you’ve now become inspired to create and order new designer chairs from by Crea®. Don’t forget that a stylish chair works really well in the hall or the bedroom as well. It’s perfect for when you want to sit down to put on or take off your shoes, or as a place to put your clothes at night. We design and manufacture your new chairs to order according to your specifications, in our factory just outside Malmö, Sweden. You receive handmade chairs, tailored to your specifications. We have quick delivery times and we send furniture all over the world.

For your new chairs, you can also order a matching dining table – the round Luna dining table, rectangular Melker dining table or the H table from the Efva Attling collection. We also have matching sideboards, benches and bar stools.