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Wilma bench

Wilma is an elegant, comfortable and minimalist bench. You can place the Wilma in the hall as a hall bench, or in the bedroom, living room or by the dining table when you want to create extra seating. Wherever Wilma is, she adds a practical and stylish touch.

When you order a Wilma bench, you can select the colour of the frame and cushion, as well as the length of the bench. You can even order a bench in a length that suits you and matches the interior of your home. Small, large or somewhere in between – you decide. As soon as we receive your order, production begins and soon you’ll have your very own unique Wilma bench in your home.

Wilma Bench



It’s actually a very useful and practical piece of furniture. It’s something between a chair and a sofa. You can, for example, place a bench in your hall. It looks welcoming, and it’s smart to have a place to sit when tying your shoes, or when you come home with a heavy food bag and want to put it down somewhere.


The bench can also function as a storage shelf. Place it in the living room with newspapers and magazines on it, or on the patio or balcony with a few pots on it. Naturally, if you want to have a bench outdoors, you need to invest in one that can withstand being outside.


If you want to create more seating around the dining table, a bench is absolutely superb. It’s almost always possible to squeeze another guest in when you have a bench by the table. If you want to create a backrest, you can always place it against a wall. To have a luxurious hotel feeling in your bedroom, you can place a bench at the foot of the bed. It also fits beautifully in a walk-in closet. Also, if you want to split a space, to create a room within a room, a bench works great as a divider. These were some suggestions on how to furnish your home using benches. Now we’ll show you some of our benches from by Crea®, and we’ll start with the Wilma.

Hallway benches

Now we’d like to present our benches, and we will of course do that, but we can’t help but first tell you a little about how the furniture from by Crea® is produced. It may seem a little boastful, but soon you’ll understand why we’re so proud of our furniture.

Let’s start with the design. Behind the design is Alexandra Pettersson, owner and founder of by Crea®. When you take a look around our website, you’ll see that all our furniture is created in an elegant and minimalist style. The furniture is stylish, trendy and modern and easy to match to different interior styles. And in order for them to fit in perfectly in your home, you have the option of deciding on the colour of the frame as well as the material and colour of the cushions. The frame is made of lightweight iron and is available in black, white and beige. In the H-collection, which is a design collaboration with Efva Attling, the frame is also available in the colour taupe. The cushions are available in vegan leather (imitation leather of the highest quality), or soft velvet, and come in many different colours. For example, you can choose Jade Black, Dusty Gray, Midnight Blue and Dirty Pink, and many colours in between. In other words, you receive a piece of designer furniture with a personal touch.

Now we come to the actual production, and here we’ve focused on craftsmanship and sustainability. All the furniture from by Crea® is made to order, in our factory just outside Malmö, Sweden. You can easily order online and when we receive information about your material and colour choices, we begin production. From the factory, the furniture is then sent home to you, already assembled and ready.

Finally, we’d like to mention how personal our service is. We design, produce and sell designer furniture online all over the world, with fast delivery. We can usually make the furniture in around two to five days, with the material and colours you’ve chosen. We can also advise you on how to choose the right colour and material. You can even order fabric samples to be delivered to your home. Sometimes you need to touch the fabric, and see how it looks in the place it will be in, right? Although we’re online, we’re just like a local store.

Maybe now you understand why we feel such professional pride in our designer furniture, and hopefully you’re curious to read on and get to know our benches – Wilma, Wilma outdoor and H.