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Iris bedside table

Now we’ll tell you a little more about the Iris bedside table, and her friends the Astrid wall shelf and the Lisa wall shelf. All three of them combine top-class Scandinavian design with smart storage. They have a timeless design and with your choices of materials and colour you’ll have a completely unique bedside table.

The frame is made of lightweight iron which is powder coated in black, white or beige. The wooden boards are made of a chipboard core with an extremely durable and maintenance-free laminate cover, in oak, walnut, white painted or black painted laminate. The top is also available in extremely durable Dekton stone. The straps under the shelf are made of vegan leather (imitation leather of the highest quality), which is available in several different colours. Now it’s time to choose the colour of the drawer – ash, oak, walnut, white or black – and finally the colour of the drawer knob. It’s available in copper, chrome, brass, white and black. You can have a white or black bedside table, or a wooden bedside table, or a creative combination of different colours and materials.

Design your iris

Nightstands – Design by Crea®

The Iris bedside table has been designed by Alexandra Pettersson. A bedside table should be practical – a place where small important things can be stored, but also a nice interior fixture in the bedroom. Iris is in the same elegant, stylish and minimalist design as all furniture from by Crea® and easily blends in with different styles of interiors. What makes the matching itself even easier is that you get to be involved and decide on the colour of your own Iris bedside table. And there are many choices to make! We’ve run the numbers and found that Iris can be created in over 12,000 combinations.

The function of a bedside table

Our goal with the Iris was to design an aesthetically pleasing and at the same time practical bedside table. On the top shelf you can place a book and your alarm clock. There’s also room for a plant or perhaps a candle. The leather straps under the shelf are perfect for storing newspapers and magazines, and everything that you want to be hidden away fits nicely in the drawer.

Manufacturing – craftsmanship and sustainability

All our furniture from by Crea®, including the Iris bedside table, is made to order in our factory just outside Malmö, in Sweden. Everything is made by hand in accordance with your selected materials and colours. You simply order your bedside table online, and when we receive your order, we begin production. When the table is ready, we will send it to you, already assembled. By Crea® delivers worldwide.