Anton lounge table Outdoor Small

Anton outdoor is designed in a classic by Crea® spirit through a combination of a minimalistic scandinavian look and a Dekton stone slab that can withstand most stresses.
The coffee table can be purchased in three sizes Xl, large and small. You can either buy our ready-made sets or combine your own variation.

Coffee table dimensions:

Anton – XL
Width: 75cm Length: 100cm Height:46cm

Anton – Large
Width: 60cm Length: 70cm Height: 43cm

Anton – Small
Width: 55cm Length: 65cm Height: 40cm

Dekton stone
Dekton® has a number of properties that make it a unique for indoor applications, but also, thanks to its resistance to the sun’s rays, it is perfect for outdoor surfaces, making it the versatile material par excellence.

It is highly resistant to ultraviolet (UV) rays and has superior color fastness so it doesn’t fade over time, it is highly scratch-resistant surface. Domestic utensils will not scratch it. However, we do recommend that chopping boards are used to protect your knifes.

It has excellent resistance to high tempereatures and is even more resitant to abrasion than granite. Dekton is perfect for both hot and cold conditions since it has extremely low expoansion coefficients.

Outdoor collection
Designed by our co-founder Alexandra Pettersson, the new outdoor collection embraces the by Crea® aura of minimalism, qualitative and Scandinavian furniture elevating your outdoor environment. The ultimate blend between comfort and sleek design with thoroughly chosen materials to endure rough outdoors climate; whether you live in Marbella and have a pool or in the rough shores of Iceland.

Weight 7 kg

Alexandra Pettersson

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