Vera & Thomas

Vera Floor Candle Holder

Immerse yourself in the harmony of simplicity and sophistication with the Vera Floor Candleholder, a shining example of Scandinavian elegance. Alexandra Pettersson, the creative mind behind its design, shares her perspective: “Our minimalist candleholder is a celebration of simplicity and functionality, making it an ideal adornment or gift for aficionados of minimalistic beauty.” This statuesque floor candleholder is a testament to Scandinavian design ethos, characterized by its clean, streamlined lines and subtle yet striking presence.

Crafted with precision, its tall and slender silhouette stands as an emblem of contemporary style, effortlessly complementing any decor. Pettersson observes, “Candleholders, though small, can significantly enhance an interior’s appeal.” The Vera Candleholder is a masterpiece of fine craftsmanship, thoughtfully designed to be the focal point of any room.

At by Crea, the journey of the product from concept to completion is kept in-house, ensuring unparalleled quality. This comprehensive control, spanning from design to production and delivery, is a source of pride. Pettersson reflects on the creative ethos, saying, “Adhering to the mantra of ‘fewer elements, greater impression,’ we sculpted this minimalist candleholder, achieving a versatile simplicity that fits seamlessly into various settings.” This candleholder, cradling a gentle light, envelops your space in a cozy, inviting aura.


“I was guided by the principle “fewer elements, greater impression” when creating the minimalist candleholder design, and the result is a simplicity that works in all environments.”

– Alexandra Pettersson

Thomas Floor Candle Holder

Enhance your living space with the Thomas Floor Candleholder, a paragon of Scandinavian design and minimalist sophistication. Alexandra Pettersson, the creative force and founder of by Crea, shares insights into its creation, stating, “In crafting our minimalist candleholder, I focused on distilling each aspect to its most essential and functional essence, discovering beauty in this refined simplicity.” Standing tall, this premium candleholder boasts a sleek and elegant floor-standing silhouette, a true representation of Nordic minimalism.

At by Crea, we take pride in managing the entire product journey from initial sketch to final piece in-house, guaranteeing exceptional quality. The Thomas Candleholder is a seamless blend of aesthetics and utility, epitomizing contemporary design. Pettersson also remarks, “Its rounded form offers a sense of harmony and balance, elegantly enhancing your decor with style and grace.” Far from just an ordinary accessory, this distinguished candlestick serves as a prominent decorative element suitable for any setting.

The Thomas Floor Candleholder is designed to adapt effortlessly to your decorative preferences. It exemplifies the essence of minimalist floor candleholder design, fusing the timeless charm of Scandinavian style with a distinctly modern flair. Pettersson comments on its significance: ‘Floor candleholders allow us to cultivate a serene and warm ambiance in our homes.’ Elevate your environment with a touch of luxury and welcome the serene illumination of this decorative and contemporary candleholder into your abode.


“The round shape of Thomas gives it a harmonious and balanced feeling that will complement your decor in a stylish and tasteful way.”

– Alexandra Pettersson